August 9 Worship from Home

Prayers and Reflections for August 9, 2020

[This may begin with the lighting of a Candle]

Call to Worship:

[Adapted from]

God welcomes all the dreamers, as well as the doubters.
     Wherever we are, the worriers and wanderers can call on God by name.
In this time, we can remember all the ways God has graced us.
     In these moments, we are reminded that God is with us, always!

In faith, we step out of our comfort zones into the unknown.

     Together, we will find the courage to cry out,
     'God, save us!' in every situation.

Opening Prayer:

[Adapted from The Whole People of God, 2002, page 51]

Loving God, in those times when we are scared or unsure,
remind us that you are with us.
When we fear what lies around us,
remind us that you are as close as the air that we breathe.
We reach out to you, O God,
with our dreams, our songs, and our listening.
Remind us in all things that we are your beloved children.
Strengthen us to share your love with everyone we meet. Amen.

Music for Singing or Listening:

Voices United # 288 Great Is Thy Faithfulness 

Voices United # 271 There's a Wideness in God's Mercy (3 verses)

Voices United # 690 From the Slave Pens of the Delta (tune Ebenezer)

Scripture Reading:

Genesis 37:1-4, 12-28

Video Reflection:

When All Seems Lost

Offering Prayer:

[Adapted from SeasonsFusion Pentecost 1, 2014, page 124]

Generous God, you call us to many forms of response in your world,
and so, we give of ourselves in whatever way is possible:
through our talents, money, spiritual gifts, compassion,
and vision for love’s reign, anew in the world.
We ask that you take these gifts, given in hope, and transform them
that they might be love lived out for the world. Amen.

Ways to give:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Mail     PAR (Pre-Authorized Remittance)

Prayers of Thanksgiving and Intercession:

[Adapted from
Loving God, we hold deeply the prayers that are on our hearts this day.
We pray for those who find themselves deeply wounded by people they love -
people they thought they knew and trusted -
and who are struggling to know how to respond.

We pray for those who are experiencing a crisis of faith; who long to whole-heartedly trust in God but are held back by questions and doubts.

We pray for those who have fallen into despair; who have begun to doubt God’s presence and power; or question God’s call in their lives.

We pray for those who, have had their hopes and dreams crushed;
those whose lives have suddenly taken a different turn,
and who now wonder what lies ahead for them.

Loving God, it is not Your will that any should suffer.
We offer our prayers for all those who hunger and thirst,
those who live in the midst of violence or poverty,
and those who feel abandoned or ignored by the world around them.

Through the life-giving power of your Holy Spirit,
make Your sustaining presence known to all who are in pain or need,
so that they, too, may know your love and live. Amen.

The Lord’s Prayer:

Words only, Voices United # 921

Sung Version, Voices United # 960 The Lord's Prayer (Langdon)


While we extinguish this candle,
we affirm that the light of Christ can never be put out.
May God’s love and grace be with us all.