July 26 Worship at Home

Prayers and Reflections for July 26, 2020

[This may begin with the lighting of a Candle]

Call to Worship:

[Adapted from Seasons of the Spirit SeasonsFusion Pentecost 1, 2014, page 98]

God of the covenant, long before we existed, you were there.
You made promises with our ancestors of faith - with Abraham and Sarah:
     you promised they would be
     the father and mother of many nations,
     with descendants too numerous to count.
With Jacob, Leah, and Rachel:
     you made it possible for Jacob to father many children,
     and to fulfill the covenant with Abraham and Sarah.
With all of us:
     you continue to make promises with each of us
     of a future with hope, and love ever-lasting.

Opening Prayer:

[from Seasons of the Spirit SeasonsFusion Pentecost 1, 2014, page 96]

God of the covenant, we live in a world where promises are broken,
and where we are not always completely honest with one another.
Help us to continue to trust in the promises you have made with us,
and help us to create a trusting, covenantal community
with all of your creation. Amen.

Music for Singing or Listening:

Voices United # 220 Praise to the Lord, the Almighty 

Voices United # 415 God, We Praise You for the Morning

Voices United # 556 Would You Bless Our Homes and Families

Scripture Reading:

Genesis 29:15-28

Video Reflection:

What Goes Around Comes Around

Offering Prayer:

[Adapted from Laura Turnbull, Gathering Pentecost 1, 2017, page 39]

Timeless God, you have revealed yourself through ancestors of faith,
and continue to speak to us through modern-day sojourners.
Across time and space, we gather in spirit to worship you.
May the gifts that we share continue to tell the story of faithfulness,
and the love that you have given us to share. Amen.

Ways to give:

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Prayers of Thanksgiving and Intercession:

[Adapted from http://www.bruceprewer.com/]

For the love that frees us to ask questions and explore,
to frame doubts and investigate new possibilities,
to build theories and then cross-examine them.
     We thank you, God of adventurous love.

For the love that enables us to marvel at our own existence, to ponder and remember, recognize our own needs and affirm our own knowledge and purpose.
     We thank you, God of determined love.

For the love that helps us to communicate with one another, to express trust and respect, share heartaches and visions, to convey love and mercy.
     We thank you, God of reconciling love.

For the love that inspires us to warmly encourage those around us,
to affirm and build up, comfort and enlighten.
     We thank you, God of nurturing love.

For the love that liberates us to celebrate the world around us in poetry and song, to delight in shapes and colours, intricacies and patterns,
awesome forces and deep mysteries.
     We thank you God of visionary love.

For the love that encourages us to express something of our faith;
for creeds and prayers, hymns and readings, discussion groups and sermons.
    We thank you, God of creative love. Amen.

The Lord’s Prayer:

Words only, Voices United # 921

Sung Version, Voices United # 960 The Lord's Prayer (Langdon)


While we extinguish this candle,
we affirm that the light of Christ can never be put out.
May God’s love and grace be with us all.