June 21 Worship from Home

Prayers and Reflections for June 21, 2020

[This may begin with the lighting of a Candle]

Call to Worship:

[Adapted from http://liturgyoutside.net]

The Spirit of God calls us from diverse places; 

some of us are in busy homes with many people, others live alone.

     We are a part of the family.

This week has been different for each of us;

some of us have had happy news we want to celebrate;

others of us have faced grief and need to cry.

     We are members of God’s family.

Yet we are all seeking God’s presence in our lives;

we all long to connect with God’s Spirit and to one another.

     Love makes us God’s family.

Opening Prayer:

[Adapted from www.ministrymatters.com/]

God of love, plant us in the soil of your grace.

Nurture us with the strength of Christ, the vine of everlasting life.

Feed us with your grace that helps us to grow in you,

and to connect with one another.

Enlighten us with the wisdom of your Spirit,

which flows through us today and all days.

Abide in us, that we may abide in you and live in your love. Amen.

Music for Singing or Listening:

Voices United # 218 We Praise You, O God

Voices United # 205 Like the Murmur of the Dove's Song

Voices United # 436 Abide with Me

Scripture Reading:

John 15:1-6

Video Reflection:

The Faith We Sing - includes the singing of VU # 395 Come In, Come In and Sit Down

Offering Prayer:

[Adapted from John Birch  as found at www.faithandworship.com/]

God of harvest, gardener supreme, you place us at the centre,

feed us, equip us and, having provided for us, look to a different harvest –

a fruitfulness of lives in service to you and others.

God of harvest, feed us, prune us, harvest us,

that these offerings and our lives might bring glory to you. Amen.

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Prayers of Thanksgiving and Intercession:

[Adapted from MaryAnn Rennie  as found at http://www.churchofscotland.org.uk/]

Vine of life, in your branches we are nestled,
taking shelter and sustenance in the shade of your strength.

Holy One, in the hardships of the world,
may we look beyond the bitter politics and divisions
to find your love at the core of our relationships.
There may all people work with what we have in common,
that we might grow to be a people of respect and trust.

May our branches bow with the weight of the fruit you have given us.
Help us to look beyond our own needs,
to recognise those who are hungry for food and shelter, love and justice.
May we offer others the comfort needed under the weight of your branches,
so they find a rest from the cold and darkness, the hatred and loneliness
of this world. May your Spirit enable us to value the gifts and talents of all.

When we meet those who are worn down with illness, loneliness,
grief and abandonment, may the light of Your presence shine
in the encounters they have with others, that all might know Your compassion.

Gardener of all life, as you trim and shape us for your purpose,
may we place our prayers into your hands and trust that new seeds may grow. Amen.

The Lord’s Prayer:

Words only, Voices United # 921

Sung Version, Voices United # 960 The Lord's Prayer (Langdon)


While we extinguish this candle,
we affirm that the light of Christ can never be put out.
May God’s love and grace be with us all.