May 3 Worship at Home

Prayers and Reflections for May 3, 2020

[This may begin with the lighting of a Candle]

Call to Worship: [Adapted from Joanna Harader,]

In the darkest valley, at the banquet table;
     in the hard work of life, at the moments of ease;
in our day-to-day reality, at times set aside–
     like this time, now–
     for worship, for listening, for paying attention;
with every step we take:
     goodness and mercy follow us; our cups overflow.

Opening Prayer: [from Ministry Matters]

Loving Shepherd,

you know our names; you care for us.

When we face darkness and death, walk beside us.

When we hunger for your love,

fill us with your presence.

When we are fearful, feed us at your table.

May we dwell in the house of goodness and mercy

all the days of our lives. Amen.

Music for Singing or Listening:

Voices United # 748 God Is My Shepherd (Brother James' Air)

Voices United # 374 Come and Find the Quiet Centre

Voices United # 210 You, Lord, Are Both Lamb and Shepherd (Westminster Abbey)

Bobby McFerrin        23rd Psalm

Scripture Reading:

Psalm 23 NRSV Psalm 23 KJV

Video Reflection:

I Shall Not Want

Prayers of Thanksgiving and Intercession:

[Adapted from Nathan Williams,]

O God, you are our shepherd;we shall not be in want.
Your creative grace is visible in lush green pastures
and revealed in still, clear waters.
Your restoring resurrecting Spirit revives our souls and our communities,
and you guide us in ways of righteousness for the sake of your earth.

We pray for the earth you create and love:
for people, families, nations, and species
that dwell in the valley of the shadow of death;
for all who fear the evils of pollution, violence, and illness;
for those whose suffering is on our hearts,
and for those whom we will never meet.

Shepherding God, be with your people;
with your rod and your staff, restore us and lead us.
Spread your table of abundance before those who hunger and thirst;
set us free from conflict and division.

Anoint us with your calling to reconciliation,
and let the cup of our life overflow
with justice and life for all your creation.

Let your goodness and mercy follow us all the days of our life,
and make this earth your home forever,in Jesus’ name. Amen.

The Lord’s Prayer:

Words only, Voices United # 921
Sung Version, Voices United # 959 The Lord's Prayer by David Haas


While we extinguish this candle,
we affirm that the light of Christ can never be put out.
May God’s love and grace be with us all.