April 5 Worship from Home

Prayers and Reflections for Palm Sunday: April 5, 2020

[This may begin with the lighting of a Candle] Palm Frond to Colour & Cut Out

Call to Worship & Opening Prayer: [ Adapted from Seasons of the Spirit L/E 2011 ]

“Tell them that I need it,” Jesus said.
I need humble ones to carry my life,
to bring hope to the people.
Who will carry the Christ today?
     We will be love.
Who will bring hope to the people?
We will be love.
Stay beside me now as I travel,
for tomorrow the way may not be so welcoming.
     We will be love.
Let us pray:
     As we proclaim our Hosannas,
     and sing our praise,
     we join the stones that cry out in joy,
     the trees that wave their branches in delight,
     and the birds that burst into song.
     We remember Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem,
     and we give you thanks, O God,
     for you are among the people. Amen.

Music for Singing or Listening:

Voices United # 122 All Glory, Laud and Honour

Voices United # 123 Hosanna, Loud Hosanna

Voices United # 127 Ride On! Ride On in Majesty!

Voices United # 124 He Came Riding on a Donkey

Scripture Reading:

Matthew 21:1-11

Video Reflection:

No Wonder

Prayers of Thanksgiving and Intercession:

[Adapted from Seasons of the Spirit L/E 2008 ]

Compassionate God,
we lift our palms of praise with those who first sang out,
“Hosanna to the Son of David!”
Like them, each hand that holds a palm has a heart that holds a story -
a story of pain, of disappointment, of sorrow.
We share those stories with you now...
We pray to you, O God,
     save us, O God.

Prince of Peace,
You came in humble obedience and walked the path of enduring love,
even in the face of violent rejection.
We confess that it is difficult to follow your path of peace
and the violent road of abuse and war
is all too familiar to us.
We long for your peace, O God...
We pray to you, O God,
     save us, O God.

Saving God,
we trust in your goodness and believe your desire
is for all of creation to be held in your redeeming love.
Use us, Holy One,
to bring comfort to those who mourn,
to share healing love to those who are sick,
and to work for justice for those who are oppressed.
We wait now for your Spirit...
We pray to you, O God,
     save us, O God.

The Lord’s Prayer:

Words only, Voices United # 921
Sung Version, Voices United # 959 The Lord's Prayer by David Haas


While we extinguish this candle,
we affirm that the light of Christ can never be put out.
May God’s love and grace be with us all.