St. Andrew’s Vision, Mission, Values, and Philosophy.



Inspired by the Spirit of Christ, St. Andrew’s United Church is to be an inviting, welcoming, and engaging community of faith.


St. Andrew’s United Church strives to be a caring Christian community which nurtures love of God and neighbour through worship, teaching, fellowship, and service.


  • Affirming
  • Caring
  • Engaging
  • Welcoming
  • Inclusiveness
  • Humour
  • Music


St. Andrew’s has a dream that the Holy Spirit will come as a gentle breeze to embrace our community of faith to live life in fullness with love and forgiveness.   When the people in our community of faith feel the Spirit of Christ within them, they will feel welcomed, a sense of belonging, open to receive and offer hospitality. When the people of our community of faith feel the Spirit of Christ within them, they will feel inspired to reach out with compassion to help those in need, locally and globally.  As we worship with song, scripture and prayer, we feel God’s spirit all around us and within us, and our hearts are opened.  Be still and know I am God.  “The purpose of the Christian life, of life in Christ, is to become more and more compassionate beings.” (Heart of Christianity – Marcus Borg).

St. Andrew’s has a dream that the Holy Spirit will blow through St. Andrew’s and inspire us to build a Kingdom of God on earth (heaven is in good shape, earth is where the problems are), and a community of faith seeking to embody grace (seeing ourselves and others as precious) and seek justice.  When the people of our community of faith feel the Spirit of Christ within them, they will be engaged with open and compassionate hearts participating in the passion for peace and justice for all. Our social system is defined by hierarchies of status, wealth, power, and even faith, in which the esteem of some is built on the shame of others; racism and prejudices are a disgrace to the human spirit.

We need to turn around and relate to creation with deep respect by asking the ethical question – are we willing to exchange our lifestyles for the repair of the planet earth?  St. Andrew’s feels that the Holy Spirit is touching us on the shoulder and asking:  “To whom does the earth belong?”  The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. (Psalm 24)  We are asked to relate to the whole of creation as sacred, to stand in awe and amazement for God’s wondrous creation.


  • St. Andrew’s United Church encourages freedom of worship, spiritual challenge, intellectual enrichment, and caring concern for each other through words, music, and physical symbols. 
  • St. Andrew’s United Church is committed to the way of Jesus, who offered God’s unconditional acceptance and transforming love to all people. He calls us to live in ways that reflects God’s love for all.  The true strength of the congregation at St. Andrew’s is the hospitality and passion in caring for one another the way Jesus commanded us to do. The congregation at St. Andrew’s is called to act on God’s love for all by reaching out to people in need both locally and globally.
  • St. Andrew’s United Church is a place where we seek justice for all.  St. Andrew’s congregants and those who know about St. Andrew’s know it is a church that assists individuals/groups both locally and internationally in areas of social injustice – giving a voice to others so that they may be heard.
  • St. Andrew’s is a place where we seek and promote respect in creation.  We find beauty in this life and the ever after.
  • St. Andrew’s United Church building is a warm, inviting place for all who wish to gather for worship and community activities.  This heritage building is a “ministry” to the whole community as a gathering place where community life lives unto itself.